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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Part One

Trudeau French presser
Our guest says the Prime Minister disrespected her yesterday when she asked him about the mental healthcare needs of Quebec's English-speaking minority — and he insisted on responding in French.

John Dean nightmares
John Dean is losing sleep because he worries the incoming president could be one of the most corrupt ever — and yes, this is the John Dean who worked for Richard Nixon. 

Part Two

Missouri homeless
The president of a Missouri college lets a homeless student crash in the school library on a cold night — and is promptly given the boot for lending a hand. 

Obama critic
Whatever his successes, William Darity Jr. believes U.S. President Barack Obama's presidency was a failure for one group in particular: black Americans. 

Part Three

Pussy hat shortage
At the Women's March on Washington, on Saturday, you'll see a lot of pink toques with cat ears. And they're not intended to be cute. 

Buffy Sainte-Marie JUNO humanitarian Award
Buffy Sainte-Marie didn't just co-write that song, and dozens of others over the past fifty-plus years, she also worked to protect indigenous culture — which is why she's getting a special JUNO humanitarian Award.