As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Part One

BuzzFeed report
Salacious headlines about Donald Trump's far-from-proven bad behaviour in Russia lead a watchdog from the Poynter Institute to issue a plea about journalism and the truth. 

Alleged asbestos spy
A Canadian anti-asbestos activist remembers the man she knew as a journalist but who's now alleged to have been an industry spy in a British civil suit. 

Part Two

Obama legacy
A Chicago pastor and friend of Barack Obama's reflects on the legacy of the community activist who became his country's first black President. 

Trudeau's Aga Khan trip
The Prime Minister says he spent New Year's at the Aga Khan's private island because the two are longtime friends, but a Conservative MP says Mr Trudeau's head may be stuck in the sand.

Part Three

Simulated plane crash
A training course meant to build team trust promises to take you and your co-workers through a terrifying simulation of an airplane crashing into the ocean. 

HIV drug
A UK activist says a recent drop in HIV infections is the product of people buying anti-virals online. Now he says it's time to cut the price people pay for the drugs when they see a doctor.