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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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Part One

Robin Camp report
A judicial committee recommends that Justice Robin Camp be removed from the bench after a sexual assault trial where he asked a witness why she didn't just keep her knees together.

Carrier plant update
An employee at an Indiana air conditioner factory says he can hardly believe the news after Donald Trump claims credit for keeping some of the plant's jobs from moving to Mexico. 

Meat money
A British vegan tells us that her country's new bills are made with tiny bits of beef tallow. And the Bank of Canada says the pound sterling may not be the only cash with cow. 

Part Two

Ohio State student
An Ohio State journalism student describes the moment he realized that an attacker who left eleven people injured on campus was the man he'd interviewed just weeks before. 

Border journalist
Canadian journalist Ed Ou has covered conflict areas and repressive regimes but it's what happened to him on his way into the U.S. that has the American Civil Liberties Union calling Washington.

Part Three

Halifax gun violence
In Halifax, three young black men have been killed in the past month. Now members of the community call on political leaders to step up. 

Missing sheep court
A judge dismisses conspiracy charges against an Ontario shepherd whose flock disappeared. 

Ugly Christmas tree
The town of Lövånger, Sweden put up its Christmas tree. And Sigbard Lundberg has taken to Facebook to proclaim it "the ugliest tree that has ever been set up since the introduction of the Christmas tree in 1522."