As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Part One

Fentanyl: BC coroner's inquest
After the BC Coroner's Office announces an inquest into the death of her son, Michelle Jansen talks to us about the agony the opioid has brought to her family. 

Chobani refugees
The CEO of the Chobani yogurt company is an outspoken supporter of refugees — which is why some Americans are calling for a boycott of his products. 

Mark Starowicz: Mars 
Suddenly it seems like everyone's rushing to get to Mars — and tonight, the writer of a new documentary brings us up to speed on the state of that space race. 

Part Two

British museum shield
An indigenous Australian man demands the British Museum give back a tree-bark shield stolen from his ancestors by Captain Cook. 

Ranch dressing op-ed
To some, ranch dressing is just the pleasant creamy goo they drown their lettuce under — but to writer Ben Adler, it's "revolting milk-rot" that may hasten the end of the world. 

Part Three

South Sudan UN report
A "lack of leadership" and a "chaotic and ineffective response" in Juba. Two reasons why the UN's Secretary-General fired the man in charge of the peacekeeping force in South Sudan. Lauren Spink of Center for Civilians in Conflict has spoken directly with people affected by the fighting there.

New York Met ashes
A Texas man causes a panic when he dumps a pal's ashes in the orchestra pit at New York's Metropolitan Opera. 

No tractor signs
An Ottawa city councillor is confused when he finds no-tractor signs around his rural neighbourhood of North Gower. After telling people to ignore them, he discovers they were the result of a computer error.