As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Part One

Charles Taylor wins Berggruen Prize 
Montreal philospher Charles Taylor bags a million dollar prize for his deep thoughts regarding a more tolerant understanding of our diverse age. 

Vermont town
A rich tycoon is buying up land in Vermont, with an eye to establishing an ideal Mormon community — but lots of his neighbours find his dream encroaches on their reality. 

"Blueberry Boat" shipwreck 
Nearly 80 years ago, a ship loaded with two hundred tonnes of blueberries sank near Cape Cod — and now the wreck is emerging from the ocean floor. 

Part Two

Iceland Pirate Party
The Iceland Pirate Party wants to decriminalize drugs and crack down on corruption — and it may form the country's next government. 

Anti-lengthy briefs judge
Judge Alex Kozinski has to read a lot of legal documents — which is why he's urging lawyers to keep it their briefs tight.

Part Three

Company foreigners list
Britain's Home Secretary has a plan to protect the country's good jobs from migrant workers. But our guest doesn't think companies should be publicly shamed for hiring foreign talent. 

Alex Colville exhibit 
Three years after the death of the great Alex Colville, his family has decided on a home for his studio and everything in it: it's going on permanent display at Mount Allison University.