As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Part One

Lawyer shot
Mystery surrounds the shooting of a defence lawyer in Toronto yesterday -- and the subsequent shooting of a suspect by police who, for some reason, had the area under surveillance. 

Flat-faced dogs
Your flat-faced dog may be adorable, but the British Veterinary Association says it's a disaster -- and urges everyone to choose breeds less prone to severe health problems. 

Gold smuggler
As weird stories go, the one about a Canadian Mint employee accused of smuggling gold out of his workplace inside his rear end is up there. 

Part Two

Lunch school
A Pennsylvania cafeteria worker quits just weeks into the school year -- after she's ordered to enforce the school's new policy of taking hot meals away from kids whose parents haven't paid up. 

New Zealand hitchhiker
A French hitchhiker has a very public tantrum in a small New Zealand town, after finding he can't catch a break, or a ride -- but you might get a lift out of what happened to him. 

Part Three

Bahrain software company
A Toronto University professor calls for controls on Canadian tech exports -- after his team turns up evidence that an Ontario company is helping Bahrain conduct political censorship of the internet. 

Kashechewan manager fraud
A third-party manager was supposed to be helping a Northern Ontario First Nation. Now, he's been accused of defrauding Kashechewan of more than a million dollars that was supposed to go to children's breakfasts. 

Botswana pastor
American pastor Steven Anderson was deported from Botswana yesterday after delivering an anti-gay-laced diatribe on the radio. He'd hoped to be welcome in the country after being denied entry in South Africa last week.