As It Happens

As It Happens - Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Part One

Brexit: Welsh farmer will vote 'remain'
In a matter of hours, citizens of the U.K. will vote on whether to leave the European Union — and our guest is a Welsh farmer who's going to spend those hours convincing his neighbours not to. 

US House sit-in 
Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty tells us why she's joined dozens of other Democrats to demand action on gun control — by staging a sit-in. 

Illegal bingo 
When the city of Mississauga, Ontario, tells a local seniors' group its bingo nights are breaking provincial gaming laws, our guest puts it under the "I" for "injustice" — and swears he'll never give up his dauber. 

Part Two

Graffiti ban
A graffiti artist is banned from every national park in the United States — after Internet detectives track her down for boldly defacing rock formations with bold faces. 

Fired nurse
A nurse in Ontario was the public face of a report that said cost-cutting at hospitals was putting patients at risk -- and she says her own hospital fired her for speaking out. 
Part Three

Grassy Narrows
We know Grassy Narrows First Nation has water contaminated with mercury. And there were rumours about mercury being dumped nearby. Our guest thinks he can clear up those rumours. He says they're true — because he's one of the people who dumped it. 

Steinbach pride
The Conservative MP from Steinbach, Manitoba won't make it to that city's first-ever parade in part because he'll be busy attending a frog-jumping festival.

Gatineau bridge fire
When a wooden pedestrian bridge in Quebec burnt down five years ago, city officials and volunteers dutifully rebuilt it. Yesterday, a dose of déja vu — the bridge had burned down again. And locals blame vandals for the blaze.