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Stanford judge criticized for Brock Turner sentence removed from new sex assault case

Judge Aaron Persky has been slammed for handing down a six-month sentence to Brock Turner, a former Stanford student convicted of sexual assault. A petition is now being gathered to try to get Judge Persky recalled.
Judge Aaron Persky has been widely criticised for a 6-month sentence given to former Stanford student Brock Turner. The former swimmer was convicted of sexually assault earlier this month. (cp images )

He sentenced Brock Turner to six-months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.

Now, there are growing calls for California judge Aaron Persky to be recalled. Meanwhile, the judge has been taken off another sexual assault trial he was supposed to have overseen.

Stanford law professor Michele Landis Dauber started a petition to have judge Persky recalled.

"...He does not understand campus sexual assault, does not understand violence against women, and we need to replace him with someone who does," Dauber tells As It Happens co-host Carol Off.

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber speaks at a rally before activists delivered over one million signatures to the California Commission on Judicial Performance calling for the removal of Judge Aaron Persky from the bench. (The Associated Press)

The California district attorney's office said that Aaron Persky has been reassigned from a case involving a man accused of touching a woman who was anaesthetized before surgery. 

DA Jeff Rosen told Reuters "we lack confidence that Judge Persky can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing."

The prosecutor's so-called papering of Persky comes days after several potential jurors told the judge they couldn't serve on a jury in his courtroom because of the Turner sentence. 

"All of these facts add up to a situation in which there is a loss in confidence in his ability to handle these cases fairly, and that is why ... we believe we're going to succeed in the recall," Dauber says.

A petition on to remove Persky from the bench had more than 1.2 million supporters as of Tuesday. A petition to the White House has reached more than the 100,000 signatures required to qualify for a response within 60 days.

For more on this story, take a listen to our full interview with Michele Landis Dauber.

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