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Expectant mom calls out Ontario clinic for giving same ultrasound image to many women

She thought it was an ultrasound image of her baby. But when other mothers-to-be shared identical images to hers, Jenn Cusimano realized she might have paid for a stock photo.
Jenn Cusimano is one of many mothers-to-be who claim BabyView Prenatal Imaging clinic issued them a copy of the same ultrasound baby photo. (Facebook)

Jenn Cusimano thought she was admiring a picture of her unborn baby.

The Oshawa mother of two paid for a 3D ultrasound image at a clinic in Pickering, Ontario. Proud of what she saw, she posted the picture online. That's when another mother-to-be posted an eerily similar image. 

It's a very special moment and it has now been ruined.- Jenn Cusimano
"The picture was identical. Every line, everything, there was just no mistaking it," Cusimano tells As It Happens host Carol Off.

Jenn Cusimano and her family. (Facebook)

Now, more than 20 expectant mothers believe they were given the same stock images of a baby from BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging. Cusimano started a Facebook page called Babyview 3D Scam so that other mothers can compare their photos to see if they also match the stock images.

On this screenshot of the Babyview Prenatal Imaging website, Jenn Cusimano has circled photo "20" which matches the photo she was given of her baby. (Jenn Cusimano/Babyview Prenatal Imaging)

Cusimano paid $163 for the imaging service and shared the photo with her friends and family. She had been admiring the picture since she got it two weeks ago. 

"It's been in a frame in my living room, I've been staring at it, daydreaming," Cusimano explains. "It's a very special moment and it's now been ruined."  

The cover image on the BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging Facebook page. (Facebook)

The clinic released a statement apologizing for what they call "a technical issue"and they are now offering refunds or re-scans for clients "who have become concerned regarding their babies images."

For more on this story, take a listen to our full interview with Jenn Cusimano.


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