As It Happens

As It Happens, Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Part One

Amnesty International: Iraq
In Iraq, Kurdish Peshmerga forces have destroyed thousands of Arab homes, calling it revenge for their residents supporting ISIS — but Amnesty International calls it a possible war crime. 

Finland clowns
An anti-immigrant group called Soldiers of Odin is angrily stomping through the streets of Finland — and right behind them is a group that's mocking, them. A group of professional clowns. 

Sailor rescue 
Since they set out from Norway, two American sailors have suffered a series of calamities at sea — to the point where European rescue crews are questioning the cut of their jib. 

Part Two

Pakistan attack
At least nineteen people are dead after heavily armed Taliban militants attack a university in northern Pakistan. 

Alberta 'Lassie' 
Becky-Jo the dog is too young to have seen 'Lassie' the famous collie save little Timmy from the well — but she still rescued her owner after a serious riding accident. 

Part Three

Goodwill worker
Citing cash-flow problems, the Toronto chapter of Goodwill abruptly shuts down sixteen stores — leaving employees jobless and confused. 

Canada refugees: Toronto/Montreal
Support agencies in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver say they can't settle any more government refugees — but in Montreal, less than two dozen refugees have arrived.