As It Happens

As It Happens Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Part One

Oregon judge
Fighting for freedom could get very expensive for the so-called militia that's taken over the wildlife refuge in Oregon -- because a local judge wants to bill them for disservices rendered. 

York accommodations
A York University student wins a two-year battle with the school -- and secures a victory for any student with mental health issues seeking academic accommodation. 

Squirrel map
They walk among us -- well, they scurry -- but now, their cover is blown: a new website reveals the extent of the cyber-sabotage perpetrated by the scurrilous squirrel. 

Part Two

Antarctic canyon
After a lot of research, scientists announce that -- beneath the ice in Antarctica -- there may be a canyon even grander than the Grand. 

Prison books 
Romanian prisoners have become more prolific authors than James Patterson -- which has something to do with a law that reduces their prison time if they publish a book. 

Part Three

Dark web ProPublica
The "dark web" doesn't sound like the kind of place you'd want to hang out. But the news organization ProPublica has just set up shop in its shadows. 

Amsterdam museum
Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum isn't changing the art -- but it is changing some of the titles of its art. A museum rep explains the process. 

Ed Miliband tattoo 
He may have resigned as the leader of the UK's Labour Party, but Ed Miliband will remain forever in the heart of our 18-year-old guest -- and forever on her thigh, where she had his face tattooed.