As It Happens

As It Happens Wednesday Edition

Wednesday Jan 6th, 2016

Part One

Oregon militia update
Ryan Bundy is one leader of the group occupying federal property in Oregon, and tonight, he'll answer some questions about the occupation -- and refuse to answer others. 

North Korea
There's no doubt that North Korea detonated a powerful bomb -- but as the smoke clears, there's plenty of doubt it was the hydrogen bomb Pyongyang claims it was. 

New elements
Just when we'd finally memorized Livermorium, scientists add four additional superheavy elements to the Periodic Table -- and Motorhead fans want one named for the late, superheavy Lemmy. 

Part Two

Canadian in Texas
She's a permanent resident of the United States -- but when she couldn't produce proper I.D., a Canadian woman was detained by U-S border authorities. 

No-fly list update
Wherever he travels, he takes baggage. But Shahid Mahmoud has no idea how his name acquired the baggage that landed him on a no-fly list -- a list he can't seem to get off. 

Part Three

Alberta ancient grave
When an Alberta farmer discovered a skull in his fields, what initially seemed like a crime scene turned out to be a 19th-century gravesite. 

Flint water
The governor of Michigan agrees with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha about the water in Flint -- and, as she'll tell us, the more she learns, the worse it gets. 

Pierre Boulez obit 
A farewell to the iconoclastic conductor Pierre Boulez.