As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, December 9th 2015

Part One

Nova Scotia mentally incompetent: mother
Twenty-five-year-old Landon Webb said he would challenge the Nova Scotia law under which he was declared "incompetent" -- but his mother says she should remain his guardian. 

Nova Scotia mentally incompetent: professor
Archie Kaiser teaches law at Dalhousie University, and he says it's about time the province review its Incompetent Persons Act. 

Beaver transport
An Ontario wildlife sanctuary needed someone to transport a sick beaver -- and was relieved when it received a reprieve from a driver who contrived to deliver that beaver alive. 

Part Two

Deaf blind: Air Canada
Air Canada policy dictated that Carrie Moffat had to be accompanied by an attendant to fly, as a deaf-blind passenger -- until she fought back. 

From Our Archives: John Trudell obit
The late John Trudell was a poet, a musician, an activist, and a powerful figure in the American Indian Movement -- once described by the FBI as "extremely eloquent, and therefore extremely dangerous." 

Part Three

Homs truce
Rebels give up Homs, the symbolic capital of the Syrian revolution, in a truce with Bashar al-Assad's forces -- in exchange for free passage out of the city and the lifting of a government siege.

Radio ads director
A BC radio news director resigns after his bosses ask his reporters to start soliciting ads from local businesses. 

UK cows lost
Miraculously, a British cattle farmer found that almost every one of his pregnant cows survived being swept away by flooding.