As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, December 2nd 2015
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Part One

California shooting
San Bernardino, California, is the site of yet another mass shooting in the United States -- and tonight, I'll speak with a pastor who's providing support outside the Inland Regional Center.

Stéphane Dion
After a meeting in Brussels, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion says his NATO colleagues welcome Canada's decision to stop airstrikes in favour of a new, evolving role. 

UK Syria airstrikes
The British government votes on whether to expand its airstrikes into Syria, and our guest, a Conservative MP, supports that -- but he also says the coalition may need to put soldiers on the ground.  

Part Two

California good deed
A Canadian woman living in San Diego was stuck: she had more than $200 worth of groceries, but her credit card wasn't accepted. Then, a stranger stepped in to pay. She wanted to thank him. But when she went in search of the man who'd helped her, she discovered he'd died -- just a day after they met. 

Ottawa City Transpo report
According to a new report, there's no one culprit for the deadly collision between a train and a bus in Ottawa. But that report does make recommendations. And the father of a man killed in that crash shares his thoughts on them.

Chicago video follow-up
His lawsuit forced the Chicago Police Department to release the video of the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald -- and now, journalist Brandon Smith wants to see all the relevant documents, period.  

Part Three

Museum of Political Corruption
Here come the bribes. And the extortion, and fraud, and conflicts of interest. You'll see all of that and more if a proposed Museum of Political Corruption gets built in Albany, New York -- not incidentally, a cesspool of political corruption itself. 

JFK film lawsuit
The granddaughter of a man who filmed the assassination of John F. Kennedy says her grandfather's footage could shed new light on lingering questions about how JFK was killed.

CJFE: Safa Al Ahmad
Tonight in Toronto, the Saudi journalist and filmmaker Safa Al-Ahmad was awarded by the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, for work that puts her in danger. But she's doing that work right now, overseas -- so she spoke with Carol from there.