As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, November 18th 2015

Part One

Paris: Saint-Denis witness
French police fire five thousand rounds during a seven-hour raid on a suspected terrorist cell in a Paris suburb. Our guest had an uncomfortable front-row seat. 

Paris: anti-radicalization father
A Belgian man works with families whose children have joined ISIS -- after travelling to Syria himself to try to extricate his own son from the jihadist group.  

Ruff sex
A bird called the ruff comes in four different sexes -- including one that mimicks a female, but is male -- and now scientists have found out how they do it, and how that affects "doing it". 
Part Two

Trans burial case
Before her suicide, a transgender woman made careful arrangements to be cremated -- but her mother wants to block the cremation, and bury her as a man. 

Smoking chimp lawsuit
Her owners give her cola, and visitors give her cigarettes -- so an animal-rights group is going to court to get Candy the chimpanzee moved from a Louisiana amusement park. 

Part Three

Senator quits caucus
For years, John Wallace was a proud Conservative Senator. Now, he's a proud independent senator -- after announcing he's had enough with blind partisanship in the Red Chamber. 

Former Turkey ambassador
What if one country could deal a blow to ISIS just by cutting off its supply lines? Follow-up question: if such a country exists -- and lots of experts believe it does, and it's Turkey -- then why isn't Turkey doing anything?

Women on currency
A Toronto city councillor adds her voice to the growing chorus calling for Ottawa to add a Canadian woman -- or two -- to our men-only currency. And Mary Fragedakis says Queen Elizabeth doesn't count since she's not Canadian, and she will be succeeded by a man.