As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, November 11th 2015
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Part One

Flanders Fields historian
Across the country on Remembrance Day, people read the same powerful poem aloud -- and tonight, we'll learn more about John McCrae, the Canadian soldier who wrote "In Flanders Fields". 

A skateboarding city councillor in Quebec is shocked when the mayor tells him a teenager was injured at a park that hadn't opened yet -- and more shocked when it turns out the mayor made it up.

Part Two

Afghan vet father
For former Canadian Forces Sergeant Collin Fitzgerald, returning from Afghanistan has not been peaceful, and now he and his his father are facing separate court dates.

Waterpark foreclosure
The owner of a New Hampshire water park has chained himself to the top of a waterslide to save his park. 

Part Three

New Zealand MPs kicked out
New Zealand's Prime Minister accuses the Opposition of "backing...rapists". Opposition MPs rise to demand an apology, citing the sexual assaults they suffered -- and the women are kicked out of the House. One of those MPs tells us the whole story. 

Giller Prize winner: André Alexis
Canadian novelist André Alexis stops by after winning a major literary award -- and he used the same cup he did last week, when he stopped by after winning a different literary award. 


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