As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, October 14th 2015

Part One

Farm deaths
Three young girls are killed after they're buried in canola seed -- leaving a small Alberta community in grief and disbelief. 

Harjit Sajjan
New Conservative ads make some pretty serious claims about Justin Trudeau's stance on drugs and prostitution -- but the Liberal candidate in Vancouver South begs to differ. 

Award photographer 
A BC doctor is named Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his haunting picture of a red fox preying on an Arctic fox on a snow-covered expanse in northern Manitoba. 

Part Two

C-51 donation
A Vancouver entrepreneur isn't just spending his time fighting Bill C-51 -- he's spending a million dollars of his own money. 

Exxon Arctic
While Exxon Mobil publicly played down the reality of global warming, its own scientists were helping the company prepare contingencies for a thawing Arctic. 

Part Three

Newfoundland ship captain
He knows he's lucky to be alive. But the captain of a ship that sank off Nunavut last month says luck played too big a role -- and that the search-and-rescue operation was a botch job that could have cost lives. 

Health documents
While a confidentiality agreement prevents a Toronto doctor from disclosing what he found out about a popular morning sickness drug, he can say he won't be prescribing it. 

Oland trial 
Two policemen testify and throw more doubt over the police investigation into the death of New Brunswick businessman Richard Oland.