As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, September 9th 2015

Part One

Refugee crisis: Hungarian government
Hungary has made its policy on refugees clear: it wants none, and will accept none. Tonight, a government spokesman explains that position. 

Refugee process deadlock
Canada's system for admitting refugees is slow, and full of nearly insurmountable obstacles -- and, according to our guest, that's exactly how this government designed it. 

Dictionary stories 
A dictionary's a good place to find les mots justes -- but a California man actually builds stories out of the example sentences that accompany the definitions. 
Part Two

Hungarian camerawoman
A Hungarian camera operator is fired for attacking refugees running from police in a border town -- and an opposition politician believes she should also face charges. 

Winnipeg runaways councillor
According to a new report, eighty per cent of missing people in Winnipeg are children in government care -- and one city councillor says that has to change. 

Part Three 

Denmark post
Last week, hundreds were forced off a train just outside Budapest. Today, a similar thing happened in Denmark. 

OPP report
The union representing officers with the Ontario Provincial Police says it is committed to overhauling its workplace culture, after an independent review found a "toxic" work environment, and alleged executive mismanagement. 

Nova Scotia lighthouse
The residents of a Nova Scotia town have spent years trying to prevent their lighthouse from collapsing. Now, they may get the reinforcements they're asking for. 

Meat pie protection
Bakeries in Forfar, Scotland, apply to protect the name of their beloved meat pie, the "Forfar Bridie" -- because bridie made anywhere else is nothing but a pie.