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Meet the BC Ferries attendant with a remarkably deep voice

About a dozen times a day, Trevor Henderson gives people a start - just by opening his mouth. What comes out is a voice so deep and so authoritative that he's been encouraged to pursue a career in movie trailer voiceovers or radio hosting.
(Facebook / CP Images )

You wouldn't think to look at him, but 22-year-old Trevor Henderson has a voice that would give Barry White a run for his money.

Although his job as a BC Ferries crew member usually doesn't involve announcements, people comment on his voice all the time. 

He tells As It Happens guest host Laura Lynch, "They say stuff like, 'Do you sing? Have you ever considered doing radio or voice work?' I've pretty much heard everything."

Trevor Henderson working at a clinic in Panama. Henderson is finishing a degree in microbiology at the University of Victoria. (facebook )

Sometimes they even think Henderson is exaggerating his deep voice. That was especially true when his voice changed -- twice -- once when he was 13 and again when he was 16.

"They assumed that I was faking it for the first couple of weeks. I managed to convince them that yeah, this is the real deal."

Most people tell Henderson he should go into narration or radio announcing -- but instead he's pursuing a degree in microbiology at the University of Victoria.

So for now, the only way to enjoy Henderson's voice is to take a ride on a BC Ferry -- and hope to hear him announce a gift shop promotion over the PA system. 

Or, you can listen to our interview.

''When you purchase two mint body lotions you can receive one at half price," has never sounded so good.