As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Part One

Veteran reporter Paul Watson quits Toronto Star
Why journalist Paul Watson resigned from the Toronto Star -- and what it has to do with the search for the ships of the Franklin Expedition. 

China stock market crash
A nosedive, a meltdown, an earthquake: any number of words apply to the collapse of China's stock markets -- but soon, our guest warns, they might hit our markets too. 

Micronesia soccer coach
Micronesia's soccer team takes a beating at the Pacific Games, outscored 114-0 -- but the coach says that what almost killed them has made them stronger. 

Part Two

Flight 21 anniversary crash
On the 50th anniversary of the mysterious bombing of Canadian Pacific Flight 21, in which fifty-two people were killed, families hold a memorial in British Columbia. 

Bear conservation officer petition
Bryce Casavant was ordered to kill two bear cubs, but when the B.C. Conservation Officer took them to a vet instead, he was suspended.