As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part One

Netherlands environment ruling
Environmentalists in the Netherlands score an unprecedented victory, when they launch a court case against the government over its response to climate change -- and win. 

Human Rights Watch (HRW): Colombia massacre 
A new report reveals damning new evidence about how the army in Colombia killed civilians, and then falsely depicted them as dead rebels.

Dog mummies
And that goes for millions of other mummified dogs discovered by archaeologists in the depths of an Egyptian catacomb. 

Part Two

US gun control
Since the massacre at a black church in Charleston, the debate in the U.S. has centred on the Confederate flag -- but the city mayor wants to talk about something else: gun control. 

Stonewall landmark
And now, neither will the Stonewall Inn: New York has granted landmark status to the Greenwich Village bar, for its significance to the gay-rights movement. 

Part Three

Ohio town deaths
In Chillicothe, Ohio, six women have gone missing over the past year. Four have been found dead. And now, the small city is afraid that a serial killer is on the loose. We speak with the aunt of a young woman whose body was discovered this past weekend. 

Longueil language
The mayor of Longueuil, Quebec says she's "irritated" by a colleague who insists on speaking in English at council meetings -- and she wants him to only use French. Councillor Robert Myles shares his reasons for making statements in both languages.