As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Part One

Graça Machel
Human rights activist Graça Machel explains why she's joined a campaign called "Code Blue," which would stop UN peacekeepers from committing sex crimes with impunity. 

New Brunswick dress student
After she's given detention for wearing a halter dress to school -- and then suspended for criticizing the detention -- a New Brunswick student fights back against a policy she calls sexist. 

Swedish gay sailor
Call it "gay-nar". That's gay sonar, which Sweden is now pinging out underwater -- sending anti-homophobic messages out to any Russian submarine that happens to cruise by. 

Part Two

Philadelphia train derailment
It was just a standard daily commute aboard an Amtrak train to New York -- before a derailment in Philadelphia turned the sleepy trip into a nightmare. 

Sistine Chapel: home edition
A former decorator spends twelve years painting the inside of his home with tributes to Renaissance art in general -- and the Sistine Chapel in particular. 

Part Three

Burundi coup attempt
Burundi's President says the coup announced by his opponents is nothing but a joke -- but a local reporter describes a much more serious situation. 

Nepal suffers second quake
It's hard to imagine that things could get worse in Nepal. But after a second earthquake, our guest is among those worried that the next one will be even more destructive than the first two. 

Horse-drawn garbage
The Vermont town of Bristol is so picturesque that the garbage is picked up by majestic horses.