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As It Happens: Tuesday Full Episode

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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Part One

Kinder Morgan: First Nation
An Indigenous leader whose First Nation is part of a legal challenge against the Trans Mountain pipeline says he'll keep fighting the project — regardless of who's paying for it. 

Kinder Morgan: Federal government
The Trudeau government says buying the Trans Mountain is an investment in Canada's economy — and at 4-point-5 billion dollars, the taxpayers who are coughing up for it can certainly agree that it's an investment. 

'Roseanne' cancelled
When "Roseanne" returned to TV this year, the show was a huge hit — but after a racist tweet from its star, ABC abruptly cancels a planned second season.  

Part Two

Puerto Rico deaths
The official death toll in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria is in the dozens — but according to a new study, the number of dead is actually in the thousands. 

Vintage denim
Someone just paid a hundred thousand dollars U.S. for a 121-year-old pair of Levi's — and our guest explains that a vintage denim sale that seems to button-fly in the face of reason. 

Part Three 

Cycling crash
The first crash happened when a cyclist hit a pothole, and others pulled him to the side of the road. And things got worse during a recent charity ride around Lake Ontario, because of the second  crash — which happened when a driver apparently tried to pass on the shoulder, and struck four people. 

Swearing Children
Artificial intelligence researcher Emma Byrne has been studying the pros of profanity. And she swears up and down that we should be letting our kids cuss their little hearts out.