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As It Happens: Tuesday Full Episode

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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Part One

Kahnawake marry out
A Quebec judge says a Mohawk First Nation can't force non-Indigenous people to leave the community after marrying into it. 

Hassan Diab case
French judges didn't have enough evidence to send Hassan Diab to trial — but documents show the Canadian Justice Department lawyers worked hard to ensure the Ottawa man wound up in a French prison. 

NYC private/public dog park
For ten years, a cabal of snobby dog owners in Tribeca treated a public park like it was their private property — and now, New York's Parks Department is out to stop the hound-related hounding. 

Part Two

Spain rape case
After a Spanish court fails to convict five men of rape who called themselves the "wolf pack", furious protesters take to the streets in the tens of thousands. 

U.K. toxic caterpillars
London is invaded by shaggy little larvae whose hairs can bring on anaphylactic shock — and residents are urged to let the creatures mind their own fuzziness. 

Part Three

Afghanistan attack
The day after nine journalists are killed in a bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, our guest was there covering the story — while mourning the deaths of two colleagues. 

Hijab event
A Muslim group in Montreal planned an event to celebrate girls who'd decided to wear the hijab. But a backlash from far-right groups forced a reset on the event setting — twice in two days.