As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Full Episode

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Part One

Toronto van attack: victim's friend
She was out enjoying what felt like the first day of spring. Then the van jumped the curb in North Toronto — and now, Anne Marie D'Amico is the first victim to be identified. 

Toronto van attack: 'Incel Rebellion'
The alleged attacker referred to a misogynist online community of men who call themselves "incels" — or "involuntary celibates" — and a journalist tells us about her dark journey into their world. 

Canada border numbers
More people are coming into Canada illegally from the United States — and Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel says it's time for the Liberal government to take action.

Part Two

Toronto van attack: suspect video
Constable Ken Lam single-handedly arrested the suspect — and the first witness to come across the tense standoff is among those astonished by his restraint. 

Uranus farts
The Earth is not flat, but Uranus is flatulent. According to a new study, we're lucky to be four planets away from that giant stinkball — because its atmosphere totally reeks. 

Part Three

Toronto van attack: doctor
A doctor at Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital describes the scene in the emergency room yesterday afternoon, when victims of the van attack arrived en masse.  

Rocket crash
A spent Cold-War era rocket stage is due to land tomorrow in the Canadian arctic — sparking concerns that the rocket's fuel could contaminate the environmentally sensitive waters of Baffin Bay.