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As It Happens: Tuesday Full Episode

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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Part One

Southwest emergency landing: passenger
One passenger is dead after one of the engines of a Southwest Airlines flight exploded at 30,000 feet — and a passenger tells us about the terrifying moments before the emergency landing. 

Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph
Last summer, a photographer took a horrifying split-second shot as a car plowed into a crowd in Charlottesville — and now, Ryan Kelly has won a Pulitzer Prize for it. 

Produce-selling bellower hushed
For a century, one British family has called customers to a fruit stand the traditional way: by hollering; now, the local government is trying to hush Wayne Bellows — whose name is Bellows, and who bellows. 

Part Two

Victim surcharges
The Supreme Court considers the question of whether it's constitutional to make convicts pay a fee called a "victim surcharge" — but our guest is a retired judge who firmly believes the financial penalty is wrong.

Boston marathoner
It was a singular achievement for the woman who won yesterday's Boston marathon — but it's the second-place finisher, Sarah Sellers, who has people doing a double take. 

Part Three

Nova Scotia Freedom of Information hacker
The Nova Scotia government says a teenager stole data, but he  says it was all publicly available — and a privacy lawyer says the province is scapegoating his young client for its own lousy security.

Edmonton wire transfers
They send money for clothes, food, and school — but a banking breakdown is forcing Somalis living in Canada to figure out new ways to send cash to families. 
Florida pythons
Even seasoned python hunters called it "a bit of a frenzy", when they zeroed in on what would turn out to be a record number of Burmese pythons in southwestern Florida.