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As It Happens: Tuesday Full Episode

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Part One

Cambridge Analytica
After explosive allegations that a UK company "harvested" data from fifty million Facebook profiles, a British MP says it's time for someone to bring the online world in line. 

Climate Death Study
After crunching the numbers, scientists say 150 million deaths could be prevented — if world leaders would just adopt stricter policies on climate change. 

Mailbox Pictures Guy
Our guest tries to explain why he spent about a year on what he calls "the most meaningless thing I've ever done": taking photos with every mailbox in Seattle. 

Part Two

Nigerian Girls Amnesty
Last month, Boko Haram militants abducted 110 school girls — and today, Amnesty International says Nigerian security forces had the information they needed to prevent the kidnapping, but didn't. 

Blockchain Child Abuse
German researchers dig into the Bitcoin blockchain and find unsavoury information, and illegal photos — and if you download it, you could be held accountable. 

Part Three

Huawei Canada Relationship
The Chinese company Huawei is the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment on Earth. And according to three Canadian intelligence veterans, it's also a threat to our national security. 

Hampstead Smoker 
Hampstead, Quebec introduces a new bylaw that restricts smoking to — well, almost nowhere. And it's not just tough for cigarette smokers — it's a bummer for weed smokers as well.