As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 24, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Texas school shooting
A gunman kills more than a dozen people in a Texas elementary school. We speak to a reporter who says she can't believe she has to live though and report on another school shooting. 

Alberta police misconduct database
We'll hear from an Alberta paralegal who has created a public database of police misconduct -- and says the first-of-its-kind tool could force changes to the use of force. 

Woman buys own roller skates
When our guest bought a pair of used roller skates and saw her own name inscribed in them, she was flabbergasted. But then she tried them on -- and had what she describes as a "Cinderella moment." 

Part Two 

China Uyghur hack
After receiving thousands of police photos of Uyghur detainees from a hacker, our guest says what's happening to members of the ethnic minority in Chinese camps couldn't be clearer, or more troubling. 

Wheelchair user left on plane
A BBC journalist shares too many tales of being left alone on airplanes long after other passengers have disembarked, waiting for his wheelchair to turn up. 

Part Three

Italy trial NGOs
They rescued thousands of people -- and are now facing decades in prison. But our guest says it's comforting to know the world is watching her and other other migrant rescuers be tried in Italy. 

Colorado internment camp rose bush 
Decades after it was first planted by interned Japanese-Americans at an internment camp in Colorado, a rosebush has once again been coaxed into bloom.