As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Feb. 1, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Quebec vaccination tax pulled
Just weeks after Quebec announced that unvaccinated residents would be charged a so-called "health contribution," the province is scrapping the idea. And our guest suspects that was the plan all along. 

North Carolina teacher meal program
A North Carolina teacher raised more than 100-thousand dollars to keep kids fed over school breaks. She says that may make her a hero, but she'd rather live in a world that didn't call for one. 

Cookbooks sank author
A star chef is disappointed to hear every copy of her latest cookbook may be at the bottom of the ocean — but she's already cooking up new plans. 

Part Two 

Anne Frank book suspended
A Holocaust researcher in Amsterdam tells us a new book that claims to identify the man who betrayed Anne Frank's family is filled with errors and assumptions. And she's applauding a Dutch publisher for pulling it. 

US Starbucks unionization
A Starbucks employee in Washington state tells us why he's joining a unionization effort that expanded to fifty stores this week — and says labour rights shouldn't be a perk. 

Part Three

Encore: Toni Morrison new short story 
Widely considered one of the greatest authors of her time, Toni Morrison published her last book God Help the Child in 2015. Or so we thought. Now, nearly three years after her death, there's an unearthed treasure from the titan — in the form of a long-lost short story, released in hardcover for the first time today.