As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Nov. 30, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Doctor Anti-Vax Care 
A family physician in a northern Ontario town is packing up and leaving -- after an unfounded accusation that she was denying care to unvaccinated patients triggered an onslaught of online abuse.

Border Testing Lifted
Business as usual. A Vermont parcel service owner welcomes a return to normal, and the return of his Canadian customers -- who are no longer waylaid by border closures and costly COVID-test requirements.

Birdfeeder Social Order
Feeder frenzy. Ornithologists have decoded the subtle social cues of almost 200 bird species when they interact with each other -- and identified the seediest characters at the birdfeeder.

NZ Biking Birth
Labour intensive. A New Zealand politician finds delivering her second child is just like riding a bike -- which, amazingly, is how she got to the hospital for both births.

Part Two

Barbados Republic
Royals flushed. Barbados drops Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and become the world's youngest republic -- but our guest says that without a public vote, some people wonder what self-determination really means. 

Phil Saviano Obit
The courage to heal -- and protect. The late Phil Saviano had the courage to speak out about the priest who abused him as a child -- and the even greater courage to take on the Catholic Church. 

Part Three

Lucian Freud Painting
Naked truth. We reach a private investigator who believes he has authenticated a Lucian Freud painting the artist previously denied was his work -- and figured out why he would deny the nude was his.

Wolf Tracking Story 
Loaned wolf. A conservationist remembers OR-93, the gray wolf whose remarkable travels left an indelible mark.