As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Nov. 23, 2021

Part One

Throne Speech - Conservative
The Trudeau government outlines its parliamentary priorities in the Speech from the Throne, but a Conservative MP tells us that, where the economy is concerned, the Liberals don't seem to have crunched the numbers.

PEI Potato Warts
A farmer on PEI tells us Canada's decision to stop potato exports to the U.S. over the presence of a wart fungus on just two farms is not only unnecessary, it will decimate the industry.

Georgia Topiary Chicken
The mayor of a Georgia town bet big on the power of an enormous topiary chicken to put his town on the map and loses, after voters decisively signal that they want him to fly the coop. 

Part Two

Chapman's Non-Vax Boycott
Chapman's Ice Cream has a new vaccine mandate for its workers and it's prompted a backlash that verges on the wrong kind of "chilling".

Australia Red Crabs
The yearly migration of red crabs turns the Australian island into a scuttling sea of crimson and a woman who helps rake them off streets confirms it's a sight to behold.

Part Three

Robert Bly Obit
The prolific and sometimes controversial American poet Robert Bly has died at age 95. We'll talk to his friend and assistant about his life and the book that spawned a movement for men.

Boring Video Game Fundraiser
The organizer of the Desert Bus for Hope fundraiser reflects on persuading people to play the world's most boring video game for an excruciatingly long time.