As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 25, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

George Floyd Anniversary Festival
One year after George Floyd's murder by police, people in Minneapolis hold a festival to celebrate -- and mourn -- a life extinguished too soon.

UFO Report
A congressional report on UFOs has Washington buzzing about little green men -- but a US Naval pilot who had a close encounter herself says it's time for everyone to come back down to Earth.

Discarded Lottery Ticket
The owners of a family-owned convenience store in Massachusetts find a winning, million-dollar lottery ticket -- and return it to the person who accidentally discarded it. 

Part Two

Israeli/Palestinian Rebuild
Days after bombs stopped falling in Gaza, we'll speak to a father of six who's helping to clear the debris -- and finding seeds of hope for the future. 

Shakespeare-Owned Book?
Exceedingly well read. A Canadian archaeologist thinks he's found a book that belonged to the Bard himself -- and explains why he's convinced, even if some Shakespeare scholars are not.

Part Three

Lavender App
A new web-based app called "Lavender Book" points out restaurants, hairdressers, and other services that will welcome Black LGBTQ Americans. 

BC Fossil Found
An amateur fossil hunter out for a walk spots something on the ground -- and now the Royal B.C. Museum is studying the roughly 84-million-year-old fossil to find out what kind of sea turtle it was.