As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 11, 2021

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Part One

Michigan Line 5
Canada's going to court to fight the Governor of Michigan's efforts to shut down the Line 5 pipeline -- but an Indigenous community in the state says it has authority over the pipeline, too.

AB Seniors Home Fire
After a fire in an Alberta retirement facility, the future's uncertain for its residents -- but one survivor's son says the community's response has made the present more comforting. 

Montreal Cyclist Chase
A bike theft on Montreal's south shore becomes an action-packed, high-speed bike chase -- and now that she's got it back, the owner has a plan for how to reward the fit duo who cornered the thief.

Part Two

Israeli-Palestinian Latest
A Palestinian activist says that, amid the anger and frustration now boiling over across the occupied territories, there is also hope.

California Deck Condors
More than a dozen of the endangered birds have taken up residence on the deck of a very surprised California woman.

Part Three

PEI Sir John A Statue
Revising history. A statue of Sir John A. MacDonald that's also a popular spot for photos in Charlotteown is in for some changes after a vote by city council.

Raccoon Video Game 
Patriot's game. The developer behind a raccoon-inspired video game called "Trash Panda" tells us why he aspired to make something, quote, "disgustingly Canadian".