As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

April 27, 2021

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Part One

Ontario Paid Sick leave 
Rather than deal with the issue on its own, Ontario tries to strike a deal for a paid sick leave program with Ottawa -- and the province's NDP leader says she's sick and tired of the excuses.

Cave Dweller Volunteer
Daylight craving time. A Montreal woman stays in a cave for 40 days straight for the sake of science. And she says she'd do it again, too -- after she soaks up a little sunshine.

UK Town Crier Silence
Erring on the side of caution, the annual British Town Crier Championships will be carried out in silence this year -- so we give a championship crier the chance to give it all he's got on air.

Part Two

St Vincent Folo
Two weeks after St Vincent's La Soufrière volcano erupted, our guest paints a picture of the ash-covered aftermath the island's Prime Minister has called "apocalyptic".

Dan Kaminsky Obit
If you spend time online, you owe the late Daniel Kaminsky a debt of gratitude -- because he found a flaw in the Internet that made everything online vulnerable to attack, and then fixed it.

Part Three

Hot Docs: Rockin the Coffin
Thinking inside the box. A young filmmaker is unsettled when her dad mentions he's going to build a coffin....but it ends up being a chance for a frank talk with her father about death is more than grave-y.    

Listuguj Church Fire 
The chief of Listuguj in Quebec says he's still processing after a historic church in his community went up in flames overnight.