As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Part One

JJ Vaccine Pause
Health officials in the U-S call for a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, to investigate some extremely rare reactions -- but a doctor who already got it says she wasn't worried for a second. 

Air Canada Deal 
Canada's Transport Minister says Ottawa's 6-billion-dollar deal with Air Canada won't just get the airline airborne after the pandemic -- it might also be a way for taxpayers to earn some extra cash.

Cave Science Jargon
Researchers examine thousands of scientific papers about caves and find the use of highly technical jargon leads other scientists to avoid them.

Part Two

US Border Migrants
Going it alone. Thousands of youth seeking asylum in the U.S. continue to be detained at the Mexican border, causing a backlog in the reunification efforts, and a political problem.

Boulder Colorado Mask Study
Not taking one for the team. A university student explains why she's so keen to prove the efficacy of vaccines that she's willing to forgo her own -- in the name of science. 

Part Three

Laurentian Profs Terminated
Tenuous tenure. A political-science professor at Laurentian university is still trying to process what happened -- now that she and dozens of her colleagues have lost their jobs at the Ontario school as it goes through insolvency. 

Anti-Mask Protests
As some communities try to contain anti-lockdown rallies, we reach one leader in Ontario who can't contain his view of a neighbouring mayor who joined an anti-shutdown rally and shared false information about covid.