As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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Part One

New Brunswick election
In Canada's first COVID-19 election, New Brunswickers return Blaine Higgs and his Progressive Conservatives with a majority. We ask the premier what he's planning to do with it.

MEC sold
Canada's Mountain Equipment Co-op is being sold to an American investment company — and our guest, who helped found MEC in the '70s, is not a happy camper. 

British Columbia smoke
Where there's smoke, there's fire. Unless you're in British Columbia right now, where the smoke that's filling the air is coming from the massive wildfires south of the border.

Part Two

California inmate firefighters
 A new law in California makes it easier for convicts who fought fires while incarcerated to do so professionally when they get out — and a former inmate turned pro firefighter says that's long overdue. 

Women's sports ignored
To show how little coverage women's sports get in the paper, our guest removed all the articles in the New York Times sports page about men — leaving us all a whole lot of space for reflection.

Part Three

Afghanistan peace talks
Historic talks between the Taliban and government of Afghanistan have begun in Doha. One of the few female delegates says she'll insist the Taliban respects women's rights.

Rare Diamond
A rare 102-carat diamond mined in Canada is up for auction. A Toronto jewelry designer tells us why it could fetch tens of millions of dollars.  

BIPOC federal court  
A group of Canadian lawyers is urging the government to increase the number of non-white federal judges, which shouldn't be so hard — given that right now there are two.


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