As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Aug. 11, 2020


Part One

Biden VP
No more cause for speculation. Joe Biden has announced the running mate for his bid for the White House. And, as was widely speculated, it's a historic pick.

Russian Vaccine 
Moscow says it has developed and approved an effective Covid vaccine. But experts outside the country say the vaccine's approval is premature and reckless.

No Drama Llama 
No-drama queen. The flowing locks and elegant gait of Caesar the no-drama llama can frequently be spotted on the streets of Portland lately … contributing to the protests with a unique kind of llactivism. That's with two ells, of course.

Part Two

Belarus Election
A Belarusian opposition leader flees the country and urges her supporters to accept the election results -- hours after declaring herself the rightful winner. Our guest says her actions were about as independent as the election itself.

Oscar Peterson Metro 
A nurse who started a petition to rename a Montreal metro station after jazz giant Oscar Peterson says he has the community's ear. He just hopes the city is willing to listen.

Reading Wrong 
So wrong, it caused you to write. A slip of the tongue on yesterday's show had a lot of your  tongues wagging. And left us red(ding) in the face.