As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

July 7, 2020

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Part One

Nova Scotia MP Harassed
A Nova Scotia MP pushed for gun control and further study into the links between misogyny and mass killings. She tells us how that's made her the target of a wave of violent abuse and threats.

Killing of Husham al-Hashimi 
Husham al-Hashimi was assassinated yesterday by unknown gunmen in Baghdad. A friend remembers the Iraqi political analyst who wasn't afraid to upset the powers that be, to shape a better Iraq.

Roller Derby Distancing
Lives before laces - That's been the women's roller derby motto during the pandemic and it turns out the sport's winning strategy has other major leagues taking notice.

Part Two

Walmart Charges Dropped
Charges are dropped against a Halifax mother whose trip to Walmart ended in a violent confrontation with police. She tells us how the effects of the incident linger for her and her daughter.

University of Kentucky Painting
The writing may be on the wall for a controversial mural at The University of Kentucky. We hear from an artist whose work responds to the mural's depiction of slavery...about why she wants it to stay.