As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

June 16, 2020
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Part One

Grocery Essential Worker
When the pandemic hit, big grocery chains gave workers a raise and called it "hero pay". Now that bonus has been scrapped. We reach a worker who says people like her are taking the risk while the companies pockets the rewards.

Hal Johnson
Hal Johnson is one half of a duo that's brought quick fitness tips to Canadian TV for decades. He tells us the story of how racism behind the scenes sparked the creation of Body Break. 

Porta-Potty Library
In the hamlet of Hawksland, Scotland, Dorothy Combe has created a library in a box. It's not just any box. This box gives new meaning to the idea of bathroom reading. 

Part Two

Tulsa Trump Rally
Donald Trump's first campaign rally since March is set to happen at a 19-thousand seat arena in Tulsa this Saturday. But some officials in the city are calling on him to put it on hold because of COVID-19. We hear from a Tulsa County commissioner who says she doesn't want to see someone lose a loved one because of an event like this. 

Moose and Deer Calls
Check and mate. From our archives, guests who picked up the skill of picking up moose and deer, by mimicking their mating calls.

Part Three

New Zealand Feral Chickens
A New Zealand town had finally ... after years of chicanery ... been getting a handle on its feral chicken problem. Then, New Zealand's Covid-19 lockdown undid all their success. 

Video Game ADHD
For the first time the FDA has approved a video game to be prescribed as medicine. And the neuroscientist behind the game for kids with ADHD says this news could be a game changer.