As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 26, 2020

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Part One

Long Term Care homes 
Home truths -- a new military report describes disturbing conditions at five Ontario long term care homes during the pandemic -- but our guest, whose mom lives at one of them, says while the allegations are shocking, they definitely shouldn't come as a surprise.

UK Politics - Alastair Campbell
A top aide to Boris Johnson is realising that a road-trip to Durham could spell the end of his political career. And tonight, former Downing Street communications director, Alastair Campbell, says not only should Dominic Cummings resign -- but he should take the Prime Minister with him. 

Cicadas Defender
Last night, we heard from a Virginia orchard owner who thinks the massive swarm of cicadas that's emerging in her area for the first time in 17 years is a scourge. But some of you thought her attacks -- verbal and literal -- were unfair. An entomologist who also lives amongst the noisy critters, tells us what's to love about cicadas.

Part Two

Ontario Testing/ Contact Tracing
A Toronto doctor says she and her colleagues have had to "go rogue" because Ontario's covid-19 response lacks the coordination it needs to keep people safe. 

Moss Moves
On a visit to an Alaskan glacier a few years ago, a group of researchers discovered something they'd never seen before - balls of moss. We'll hear from glaciologist Timothy Bartholomaus, about these rare "glacier mice." 

Part Three

Covid Economy Report 
Preparing for the next storm: The so-called "second wave" of the Covid pandemic may be coming. And an economic think tanks says Canada can't just simply batten down the hatches again -- that a second shut down of the economy is untenable.

Scrabble Wars 
In 1987, we spoke with a couple who decided they'd play Scrabble until one of them hit a million points -- and they followed their own rules to the letter.