As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 19, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Incel Terrorism Charges
For what may be the first time in Canada, police have laid terrorism-related charges against a teenager they say was inspired by the incel movement.

Genocide Financier Arrested
A businessman who funded the Rwandan Genocide has been arrested in Paris. A survivor tells us if it wasn't for him, her family and countless others may have been spared

Glasgow Chef
Today's special, piping hot from the archives: a Glasgow restaurateur writes a savagely blunt "help wanted" ad. His goal: to make sure would-be cooks wouldn't blanch at the kitchen they'd be blanching in. 

Part Two

Ontario Schools Stay Closed
Ontario says students won't be going back to school for the rest of the academic year. One mother of four tells us it isn't just inconvenient but devastating for her son with special needs.

Blue Bee Found
A Florida researcher has tracked down a rare blue bee whose metallic shimmer hasn't been seen in years. 

Part Three

Toronto Homeless Shelters
When the pandemic hit, shelters for homeless people were left scrambling to make accommodations safe. Now, advocates in Toronto say crucial progress is being made.

Mannequin Restaurants
The state of Virginia announced that some restaurants would be allowed to reopen this week, but only at 50 per cent capacity. We'll speak to the Chef at The Inn at Little Washington, about his plan to fill those extra empty seats.

Maryland Innertube Bar
A Maryland events company has come up with a unique way to help customers in restaurants and other public spaces keep a safe distance from each other.