As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

April 21, 2020

Episode Transcript


NS Shooting 

The husband of a woman shot in Nova Scotia says if the province had used an emergency alert system this weekend to keep the public informed, his wife … a nurse on her way to work with a young son at home... would not have left the house the morning she died.

NS Alerts 

We reach the neighbour of another victim who was calling as many people as she could on Sunday morning until she learned one of those warnings had come too late.

East-West Testing 

An infectious disease expert says Britich Columbia's decision to test widely is a hopeful sign...but there's still a long way to go in this pandemic.


HK Arrests

Like much of the world Hong Kong is dealing with COVID-19, but that didn't stop officials from arresting 15 pro-democracy activists. One of them tells us he thinks he knows why China is acting now.

Tasmania Sheep Found

After seven years, Prickles the sheep comes back 'round to the farm she'd fled looking for a shearing … And, boy, was she round.


Georgia Restrictions 

The state of Georgia announces plans to reopen some businesses including bowling alleys and tattoo parlours  but one local mayor says it's too much, too soon.

World Press Photo 

When Kawhi Leonard sent the Toronto Raptors to last year's Eastern Conference finals with a buzzer-beating shot, Mark Blinch was hundreds of feet away capturing the moment with his camera. His shot  just picked up the World Press Photo award.

From Our Archives: Dictionary Stories 

A dip into the archives proves that context is everything, which is why when a man plucked random sentences from the dictionary and put them back together, hilarity often resulted.