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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

March 31, 2020
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Episode Transcript

Part 1

N.Y. Nurses Plea

Call of duty. A critical-care nurse from Maryland heads for the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York. She tells us why she's doing it, knowing there's a very good chance she'll catch the virus.

Ontario Long Term Care 

Pledging protection. After a series of COVID-19 deaths at a care home in a small Ontario town, the province's Long-Term Care Minister says her government will build an "iron ring" to protect aging patients

From our Archives: Snow Penis

From the "As It Happens" archives, the tale of a Swedish man who realized he'd mistakenly erased a national icon -- so he hauled out his snowblower and made an even bigger drawing of a penis in the snow. 

Part 2

COVID Blood Donations 

Searching in veins for help. Doctors are calling on recovered COVID-19 patients to donate their blood plasma -- in the hope it will help patients currently fighting the virus.

Magnet Nose Guy

A little in the nose... An Australian man tries to create a device to stop people from touching their faces and ends up heading to hospital after getting four magnets lodged up his nose.

Part 3

COVID Foster Care 

A number of provinces have extended state supports for foster kids aging out of care. But one advocate tells us how the current pandemic is especially tough for young people like her, who have already left the system.

Canada Sews

A squadron of sewers have been stitching dozens of face-masks. Our guest is one of many volunteers across the country that's part of a group called Canada Sews. 

Wales Goats 

Kids these days. With the streets empty during lockdown, goats have taken over one town in Wales. And as a resident tells us, his cloven-hoofed neighbours do not appear to be social distancing.