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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

March 24, 2020
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Episode Transcript

Part One

COVID-19: Parliamentary measures
As the Trudeau government asks for new powers to fight COVID-19, the NDP's Jagmeet Singh says the needs of Canadians must come first.

Italian city COVID success
One Italian town has managed to stop the virus in its tracks by getting ahead of the curve. Professor of microbiology Andrea Crisanti explains how — and what Canada can learn.

Part Two

As the health crisis hit, CBC suspended its local TV newscasts, upsetting a lot of viewers. Executive vice-president of English Services for CBC Barbara Williams explains why that change was made — and what she's doing now to get local content back on TV.

Jays chat
The Blue Jays may not be hitting home runs anytime soon, but sportscaster Jamie Campbell has been hitting the phones — calling up individual baseball fans while the sport is sent to the bench.

Part Three

Canadian Olympics
As the Olympics are postponed, one Olympic wrestler say she's proud Canada was the first to tap out  — and she'll be more than ready in 2021.

COVID test shortage
An Ontario Emergency Room doctor says a shortage of equipment means he's sending patients he thinks have COVID-19 home without a test.

Florida archeology
Florida archeologist Sara Ayers-Rigsby is rushing to save ancient artifacts before they are washed away by rising sea-levels. And she's swamped.