As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

March 17, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

B.C. care home deaths
At the nursing home in B.C. where six people have died because of coronavirus, the crisis continues. We hear from a woman whose 81-year-old father remains in the home despite a serious staffing shortage. She says everyone is suffering.

Canadian economy
An economist warns that if Ottawa wants the economy to bounce back from the COVID-19 crash, job number one is to make sure vulnerable workers can afford to stay home and avoid the virus.

St. Patrick's Day Newfoundland band
St. Patrick's Day Pandemic-style. Newfoundland band Shanneyganock has played their rolicking tunes to frolicking fans every St. Patrick's day for 26 years. And they'll do it again... with some crucial adjustments.

Part Two

Canadians in Peru
A Canadian stuck in Peru who is HIV positive is running out of his medication — but today, the Prime Minister says he can't guarantee anyone's swift return. 

Ocean Lego study
After his colleagues found pieces of Lego washed up by the tide, our guest decided to study just how long the children's toy survives in the ocean. Turns out, it's not very easy to leggo of Lego.

Part Three

U.K. non-preps
As other nations close schools and limit gatherings, the U.K. has kept calm and carried on. But maybe they've kept a little too calm. We reach a former public-health official who is critical of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's laisez-faire approach to the encroaching threat. 

Netherlands longest bridge
The Netherlands is hard at work on what will soon be Europe's longest bridge for cyclists and pedestrians. And they're doing everything they can to ensure a smooth ride for a third traveller: bats.