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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

March 10, 2020

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Part One

Coronavirus: Italy lockdown
Italy's 60-million residents are now officially facing restrictions on travel, work, public gatherings and more. Peter Sussi says he saw them coming a mile away — so he and his family went away.

Saudi Arabia oil politics
Mohammed Bin Salman helped push global oil markets into a tailspin and several of his cousins into lockup. Now our guest says its time to accept that the Saudi Crown Prince's appetite for destruction is more than just a phase. 

Montreal Hawaiian pizza
There's been another round in the great Hawaiian pizza debate — forcing one Montreal chain to toss the contentious topping at the centre of it all.

Part Two

Self-quarantined doctor
Dr. Jonathan Peterschmitt is a family doctor who recently contracted COVID-19. He's eight days in to a two-week quarantine with his wife and four children who were all infected by the coronavirus.

Alabama yoga
Alabama debates a proposal to overturn a 27-year ban on teaching yoga in schools, amid ongoing objections from critics. Jeremy Gray is the former Saskatchewan Roughrider and current Alabama state representative championing the bill.

Part Three

Alaska governor recall
Governor Mike Dunleavy said he'd "Make Alaska Great Again", but a growing number of his constituents say he's broken that promise and many more. And they want a recall.

Waterproof headcovering
A UK mom says the hassle of chlorine hair has kept Black Brits out of pools for decades. But it was a hairy incident with her young daughter at a public pool that motivated her to created a new kind of swim gear. 

Russia vertical film
Russian director Timur Bekmambetov explains why he wants to end the tyranny of horizontal filmmaking with vertical video.