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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Quebec blockades
The arrests or protesters have done little to prevent new blockades from springing up along Canadian railways. And Quebec officials are calling on the federal government to deal with what they say is now a federal problem. 

B.C. care homes
Authorities in British Columbia have seized control of another privately operated seniors' home, where they say conditions weren't up to snuff. We ask the province's Health Minister how he plans to prevent further neglect. 

FedEx fall
The sentence "He fell 75 feet" usually ends with "to his death". But in the case of a North Carolina FedEx driver, the line ends with "and miraculously survived".

Part Two

Mubarak obit
Hosni Mubarak decades-long rule in Egypt ended during the Arab Spring. And Timothy Kaldas — who took definitive images in Tahrir Square — says it's the fall he'll be remembered for.  

Mars earthquake
Scientists have found new evidence of earthquakes — or perhaps more accurately, "marsquakes" — on Mars. And in case that's not otherworldly enough, it appears these quakes can also carry a tune. 

Part Three

Hong Kong bookseller
China says Gui Minhai is a spy and has sentenced him to 10 years in prison. But his defenders say he's just selling books. Trouble is, that includes books critical of the ruling Communist Party. 

Indian citizenship riots
As Donald Trump was shown the shimmering beauty of India, protesters were battling on the street in some of the worst violence Delhi has seen in a decade. 

Wrong house destroyed
Robb Hagestad knew his house in Dallas was a fixer upper. But there's no fixing the mess a crew made when they mistook his property for a neighbour's.