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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020

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Part One

Indigenous prison report
Canada's prison ombudsman calls the increasing "Indigenization" of the country's federal prisons a "national tragedy" — where Indigenous inmates now represent 30 percent of the total population.

Greenwald charges
Reporter Glenn Greenwald has been charged with cyber-crimes by Brazilian authorities. His colleague at The Intercept Brazil tells us the accusations are bogus. 

Victoria lawyer turns 100
British Columbia's oldest practicing lawyer just marked her 100th birthday. Her secret to a long life? Keep working, keep smiling and keep breathing.

Part Two

Meng prosecution: Chinese dissident's son
A Chinese political dissident wants his son and daughter to use their Canadian law degrees to help the Chinese government's cause célèbre, Meng Wanzhou. And he gave them that instruction from inside a Chinese prison.

Yukon trucker rescue
Three men survive a frigid Yukon night at fifty below — by setting their vehicle on fire. By the time trucker Yves Lafond found them, they were so cold they were moving like robots.

Part Three

Ten Thousand Villages closing
When Ten Thousand Villiages opened its first Canadian store in the 1960s — stocked with handicrafts from around the world — it was a fair trade pioneer. Now most of its operations are shuttering. 

Notre Dame Cathedral acoustics
As architects plan to restore the structure of Paris's famed Notre Dame Cathedral, a sound specialist is reminding them that the building's historic acoustics should be considered as well. And he's got a musical recording that will help them do just that.