As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Dec. 17, 2019

Part One

Danforth shooting lawsuit
The families of two teenagers who survived a deadly shooting in Toronto sue Smith and Wesson — saying it failed to include "smart gun" technology that could have rendered the weapon harmless.

Gwich'in bank meetings
Goldman Sachs says it will stop investing in oil and gas projects in the Arctic — and our guest is hoping to convince Canadian bankers to do the same. 

Jack and Jill: Health Canada
How Health Canada wound up tweeting, and deleting, a version of the classic "Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme — in which both got sexually transmitted diseases. 

Part Two

Cobalt mines lawsuit
A lawsuit accuses big tech companies, including Apple and Microsoft, of knowing children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are being forced to mine cobalt, but still profiting from using it in their products. 

The Physics of Sorrow film
Animator Theodore Ushev spent eight years painting 15-thousand frames with boiling-hot wax — and now, the short film that emerged from that long process has been shortlisted for an Oscar. 

Part Three

Encore: Sopranos anniversary
The Sopranos" wasn't an opera or  a soap opera — and 20 years after its premiere, a new book reflects on how Tony changed the tone of TV. 

Encore: John Coltrane album
For decades, recordings by John Coltrane for a Quebec director's film score were hidden in plain sight at the archives at the National Film Board. An encore interview about the years-long effort to release those recordings as an album.