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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition
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Part One

Langley teen overdose family
The family of a Langley, B.C. teen wonders how his apparent overdose death in a skate park could have been overlooked -- after video showing him in distress was shared online.

Michael Kovrig anniversary
It's been a year since Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig was detained in China. Our guest says with each passing day, his admiration of his colleague's resilience and humour grows.

Australia fires
In Sydney, Australia, smoke from wildfires has peaked 11 times higher than levels deemed "hazardous". Our guest got photos and video of a beach covered in black ash.

Part Two

Rohingya at International Court of Justice
Myanmar's once-celebrated leader Aung San Suu Kyi is in the Hague to defend her country against accusations of genocide. And our guest, a Rohingya refugee, will be watching. 

Newfoundland racism flight
Two men are banned from a regional airline in Newfoundland, after they made racist remarks about Indigenous passengers — but a former MP who was on that flight thinks the carrier should do more.

Part Three

North Dakota county refugees
A North Dakota county very nearly became the first local government in the U.S. to bar refugee resettlements — since an executive order paved the way in September. But testimony from refugees living in the state seems to have swayed the committee. 

Saturn's moon 
And it may be big, but its moon is small — relatively speaking. And scientists believe they finally have answers to big questions about that tiny celestial body — and why even though it's icy, it's subject to frequent eruptions.